Bulan: Februari 2015

On Murakami

The idea of mundane life. You could imagine and picture of your mundane life into a simple short story and became the  best seller. Hell yeah. That was Murakami done.

The acquaintanceship of me and Murakami was the short story of him that floating over the book reviewers and literature sites on internet .

The first time I read about Murakami’s long writing, if it’s not too good to say a fiction, was The Norwegian Wood. You just need a synopsis and the last 3 page of the novel to know the whole story. Yep, the rest of the novel mere a piece of mundane shit life that Toru Watanabe done.

Some reviewers found it interesting and recommended The Norwegian Wood novel. Yes, I read that from social media for nerd book lover if you ask.

I was trying to understand before I judge his writing, so there I was with Hear  the Wind Sing on my hand. I just finished it in a couple of hours. Hard to say that nothing’s important of the whole story albeit it was interesting to read completely. I tried not  so interested but the story just keep going and going. It was like you heard the the long boring track of So What by Miles Davis yet you won’t make it stop.

The addiction is coming anyway. The addiction to read a mundane life short story with its, well.. a little fraction of life. That 24 short story collection into a book, I’ve read which is overall simply stray stories. A simple plot with ongoing conflicts which never been solved. But as a reader I just keep going on it. Oh, don’t let me start to talk about South of the Border, West of the Sun.

I think that’s what makes Murakami  is astonishing writer. A regular, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur stories.

I just can’t help myself not to falling in love with his stories.

And now here I am..

craving for Kafka On the Shore.